Blue Hills Country Club Hole by Hole - 12th Hole

Blue Hills Country Club, Missouri

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The 12th hole at Blue Hills Country Club is a challenging Par 3 that requires precision and strategy. With varying distances for different teeboxes, players must factor in altitude and wind conditions to avoid the three bunkers and aim for the large green area.

Teebox type: Championship

Par: 3

Distance: 188 yards

Handicap: 16

Green Area:


Approx Fairway Width:

Has Water:



Percent Bunkers Near green:


Bunker Count:



Some fairway bunkers, with the majority (51%) strategically placed around the area.

Club Recommendations

Championship Tee (188 yards):

The championship tee on the 12th hole at Blue Hills Country Club offers a challenging distance of 188 yards. With a handicap of 16, this hole is no easy feat for low handicappers. The large green area provides some relief, but players must be cautious of the three bunkers scattered around the green. In addition to precise shots, players must also consider altitude and wind conditions as they can greatly impact ball flight.

Pro Tee (178 yards):

For mid-handicappers playing from the pro tee, accuracy is key on this Par 3. With similar distances as the championship tee and a handicap of 16, players must navigate their way through the three bunkers in order to reach the large green area. Altitude and wind conditions should also be taken into consideration when choosing clubs for this hole.

Men's Tee (178 yards):

High handicappers will find themselves facing a tough challenge on this Par 3 from the men's tee. The same distance as both previous tees with a handicap of 16 means that precision is crucial in avoiding those pesky bunkers and reaching the large green area safely. Playing smart and factoring in weather conditions can help mitigate risks on this difficult hole.

Seniors' Tee (141 yards):

Senior golfers may have an advantage on this shorter distance from the seniors' tee, but don't let that fool you - it still requires accurate shots to avoid those three bunkers surrounding the green. With a handicap of 16, senior golfers should take into account any changes in altitude or wind before selecting their club.

Women's & Senior Women's Tees (141 &137 yards):

With slightly shorter distances than other tees but higher handicaps at 14, women and senior women will face similar challenges as high handicappers from their respective tees. However, with only one less bunker compared to other tees and a large green area, these tees still require precision and strategy to avoid mistakes.


No matter what teebox you're playing from on the 12th hole at Blue Hills Country Club, this Par 3 will test your skills. With varying distances for different handicaps and three bunkers surrounding the green, players must carefully consider their shots and weather conditions in order to score well. Keep an eye out for changes in altitude or wind that could impact ball flight and aim for the large green area to minimize risks.

"The most important shot in golf is the next one."
- Ben Hogan

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