Blue Hills Country Club Hole by Hole - 11th Hole

Blue Hills Country Club, Missouri

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Hole 11 at Blue Hills Country Club is a strategic par 4 with a slight dogleg left and three bunkers to avoid. With varying teebox distances, careful consideration of wind and temperature is crucial for optimal scoring potential throughout all four seasons.

Teebox type: Championship

Par: 4

Distance: 384 yards

Handicap: 8

Green Area:


Approx Fairway Width:


Has Water:



Slight dogleg

Percent Bunkers Near green:


Bunker Count:



Some fairway bunkers, with the majority (51%) strategically placed around the area.

Club Recommendations

Low Handicapper:

The low handicapper should aim to hit a drive of at least 280 yards off the tee on this par 4. With three bunkers strategically placed throughout the fairway, it's important to avoid them and stay in play for a clear approach shot. The slight dogleg left can be advantageous for those who can shape their shots, but make sure to consider wind direction and speed before deciding on your strategy. A well-placed drive will leave you with a short iron into the green, which is relatively large at 13419 sq ft. Keep an eye out for any changes in temperature or altitude that may affect your ball flight.

Mid Handicapper:

For the mid handicapper, aiming for a drive of around 230 yards is ideal on this hole. This will give you enough distance to comfortably clear any bunkers and still have a manageable approach shot into the green. Be mindful of your club selection as there are only about 25 yards of fairway width to work with off the tee. Remember that even though this is not one of the longest holes on the course, it still requires strategic thinking and proper execution.

High Handicapper:

The high handicapper should focus on hitting a drive around 200 yards off this par 4 tee box. With three bunkers lurking in different areas along the fairway, it's best to take an extra club if needed to ensure staying out of trouble off the tee. The wide open landing area allows some room for error but keep in mind that accuracy is key when trying to score well here as water hazards are not present.

Seasonal Considerations:

During warmer months at Blue Hills Country Club, expect longer distances due to increased temperatures and less resistance from air density at higher altitudes compared to colder months where balls tend fly shorter distances.

Winter conditions may lead players towards using lower lofted clubs than usual because cold weather tends to decrease the distance a ball flies. Wind is also likely to be more prevalent during this time of year, so be sure to adjust your strategy accordingly.

Bunker Play:

With only 2% of bunkers on the green, it's not a major concern for any handicap level. However, fairway bunkers and green-side bunkers should still be avoided at all costs as they can easily result in dropped shots or worse. If you do find yourself in one of these hazards, focus on getting out with minimal damage and setting yourself up for an easy next shot.

In conclusion, Hole 11 at Blue Hills Country Club requires strategic thinking and precise execution off the tee for players of all handicaps. Keep an eye out for changes in weather conditions throughout the year and make adjustments accordingly to optimize scoring potential on this well-designed par 4 hole.

"The most important shot in golf is the next one."
- Ben Hogan

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