Chicago Golf Club Hole by Hole - 6th Hole

Chicago Golf Club, Illinois

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Hole 6 at Chicago Golf Club is a strategic par 4/5 with a slight dogleg right. With ample fairway width and no bunkers, players should focus on hitting their tee shot to the left side of the fairway to avoid trouble. In colder weather, take into account how altitude and wind may impact ball flight conditions when choosing club selection for your approach shot.

Teebox type: Men's

Par: 4

Distance: 432 yards

Green Area:


Approx Fairway Width:


Has Water:



Slight dogleg

Percent Bunkers Near green:


Bunker Count:



Some fairway bunkers, with the majority (51%) strategically placed around the area.

Club Recommendations

Low Handicapper:

Off the tee, low handicappers should aim to hit a drive of at least 280 yards to give themselves the best chance for an eagle opportunity on this par 5. With no bunkers in play, players can be more aggressive with their tee shot and try to cut off some yardage by aiming towards the right side of the fairway. However, be mindful of any potential wind or altitude effects that could impact ball flight. From there, a well-struck approach shot will leave you with a short iron into this large green.

Mid Handicapper:

For mid handicappers, sticking to the left side of the fairway is key on this hole. Aim for a drive around 230 yards which will set up a manageable second shot into this long par 4/5. While there are no bunkers on this hole, don't underestimate how tough it can be if your approach misses slightly off-line due to its length and undulating green.

High Handicapper:

With only one bunker on this hole (a greenside bunker), high handicappers shouldn't have too much trouble avoiding trouble here as long as they stay left off the tee and avoid trying to do too much distance-wise. Aiming for around 200 yards off the tee is recommended so that players have enough room for error when hitting their longer approach shots into this challenging green.

Weather Conditions:

In colder weather conditions at Chicago Golf Club where temperatures may drop below freezing and winds pick up significantly, take note of how these factors may affect your ball flight and choose appropriate clubs accordingly. The wide fairway gives players some leeway but make sure not to get greedy with your drives in order to avoid finding yourself in tricky situations during your approach shots.

Overall Strategy:

Regardless of handicap level or weather conditions, playing smart golf is essential on Hole 6 at Chicago Golf Club. Take advantage of ample fairway width and avoid trouble by aiming towards the left side of the fairway off the tee. With no bunkers in play, players can be more aggressive with their approach shots but still need to pay attention to potential wind or altitude effects. A well-executed strategy will set you up for a good chance at scoring on this strategic par 4/5.

"The most important shot in golf is the next one."
- Ben Hogan

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