Spyglass Hill Golf Course Hole by Hole - 12th Hole

Spyglass Hill Golf Course, California

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Welcome to the 12th hole at Spyglass Hill Golf Course, a challenging Par 3 that requires precision and strategy. Located in Pebble Beach, California with zip code 93953, this course offers stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and is known for its tough layout.

From the championship tees, this hole measures a distance of 178 yards and has a handicap of 16. This means it is considered one of the more difficult holes on the course. The pro tees also have a distance of 160 yards and share the same handicap as the championship tees. For men's teeboxes, players will face a slightly shorter distance of 145 yards but still have to contend with the same difficulty level.

For women playing from their designated teebox, this hole measures just under half as long at only 96 yards. However, don't let the shorter distance fool you - with an overall handicap rating of 18 for women golfers on this hole, it presents its own unique challenges.

The green area spans over an impressive 8076 square feet but don't be fooled by its size - there are three strategically placed bunkers surrounding it that can make or break your approach shot. These greenside bunkers account for approximately ten percent of total bunker coverage on this hole.

As you plan your approach to this par three, keep in mind that weather conditions can greatly impact your ball flight. With varying altitudes throughout different parts of the course and potential wind gusts coming off the ocean during all four seasons (spring/summer/fall/winter), club selection will be crucial.

For reference purposes: if you typically hit your driver around ~217 yards off-the-tee; consider using a mid-iron such as a six or seven iron (~140 yds) for your approach shot into play; while those who drive closer to ~120 yards should look towards using their pitching wedge instead (~120 yds).

No matter which teebox you're playing from, this hole will test your skills and strategy. Keep a cool head, trust your club selection, and aim for the center of the green to give yourself the best chance at par or better. Good luck!

Teebox type: Championship

Par: 3

Distance: 178 yards

Handicap: 16

Green Area:


Approx Fairway Width:

Has Water:



Percent Bunkers Near green:


Bunker Count:



Some fairway bunkers, with the majority (51%) strategically placed around the area.

Club Recommendations

Playing tips for the 12th hole at Spyglass Hill Golf Course:

1. Take note of the wind: As mentioned, weather conditions can greatly affect your ball flight on this hole. Be sure to check the direction and strength of the wind before selecting your club.

2. Aim for the center of the green: With strategically placed bunkers surrounding the green, it's important to aim for the center to avoid getting caught in a bunker and potentially adding strokes to your score.

3. Consider using a mid-iron: The distance from each tee box varies significantly, so be sure to choose a club that will get you close enough without overshooting or falling short. A mid-iron such as a six or seven iron is recommended for most players.

4. Trust your club selection: Don't let nerves or outside factors influence your decision-making when it comes to choosing a club. Stick with what you know works best for you and trust in your abilities.

5. Stay calm under pressure: This is considered one of the more difficult holes on the course, so it's important not to let any mistakes rattle you. Stay focused and take deep breaths if needed before making each shot.

6. Know where NOT to miss: While aiming for the center of the green is ideal, it's also important to know where NOTto miss if you do happen to hit an errant shot off target. Avoiding bunkers and other hazards should always be top priority.

7. Practice proper bunker shots beforehand: If you do end up in one of those strategically placed greenside bunkers, make sure you have practiced proper bunker shots beforehand so that you can confidently get out with minimal damage done.

8.Factor in elevation changes: The varying altitudes throughout different parts of this course can impact how far your ball travels, especially with longer clubs like drivers or woods off-the-tee.

9.Take advantage of stunning views: While this hole may be challenging, don't forget to take a moment to appreciate the stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and surrounding scenery. It can help calm your nerves and improve your overall experience on the course.

10. Trust in your caddy's advice: As a golf caddy and strategist for one of the best players in the world, trust that their advice is based on years of experience and knowledge about this specific course. Listen to their suggestions and use them to your advantage.

"The most important shot in golf is the next one."
- Ben Hogan

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