Oakmont Country Club Hole by Hole - 6th Hole

Oakmont Country Club, Pennsylvania

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Hole 6 at Oakmont Country Club is a par 3 that measures 194 yards from the championship tees, 168 yards from the pro tees, 152 yards from the men's tees and 143 yards from the women's tees. The green area measures 8076 sq ft with 57% of it covered by 5 bunkers. This hole can be difficult due to its length as well as its greenside bunkers which make for an intimidating approach shot.

In order to hit this green in regulation, you will need to choose your club carefully depending on wind conditions and temperature. During summer months when temperatures are high and winds tend to be low, a 7 iron may work best for most golfers who average 217 yards off the tee with their driver. In cooler or windy weather however, you may want to use either a 5 iron or even a 4 iron depending on how much ball flight is affected by altitude and other environmental factors.

When hitting your approach shot onto this large green, accuracy is key since there are five bunkers scattered around it ready to swallow up any errant shots that don't find their intended target line. Take into account any crosswinds when choosing your club selection so you can minimize any lateral movement of your ball after impact and ensure that it lands safely on the putting surface instead of rolling into one of those pesky traps!

Teebox type: Championship

Par: 3

Distance: 194 yards

Handicap: 17

Green Area:


Approx Fairway Width:

Has Water:



Percent Bunkers Near green:


Bunker Count:



Some fairway bunkers, with the majority (51%) strategically placed around the area.

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Finally, take your time and make sure to commit to the shot you are about to hit. Visualize the ball flight you want and commit yourself fully to making it happen. With a little bit of luck, you should be able to get on in regulation!

"The most important shot in golf is the next one."
- Ben Hogan

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There are no reviews for this hole yet