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Welcome to Oregon, a state celebrated for its stunning natural beauty and vibrant golfing scene. Known for its diverse landscapes, from rugged coastlines to dense forests and high deserts, Oregon offers an array of golfing experiences that are both challenging and visually captivating.

Why Oregon is a Great Place to Play Golf

Oregon's appeal to golfers lies in its unique combination of breathtaking scenery and innovative course designs. The state is home to several world-class golf courses, many of which have been designed to harmonize with their natural surroundings. Oregon's commitment to environmentally conscious golf course development sets it apart, offering an eco-friendly golfing experience.

Top 5-10 Golf Courses in Oregon:

  1. Bandon Dunes Golf Resort (Pacific Dunes), Bandon - A true links course offering stunning ocean views and a challenging layout.
  2. Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club (Witch Hollow), North Plains - Known for its history of hosting major golf events, including the U.S. Women's Open.
  3. Pronghorn (Nicklaus Course), Bend - Offers a high-desert golf experience with picturesque mountain backdrops.
  4. Tetherow Golf Club, Bend - A David McLay Kidd design known for its unique use of the natural landscape.
  5. Bandon Dunes Golf Resort (Old Macdonald), Bandon - A homage to classic links courses with sprawling fairways and vast greens.
  6. Eugene Country Club, Eugene - A historic club with a rich tradition and a beautifully maintained course.
  7. Crosswater Club, Sunriver - Set against the backdrop of the Cascade Mountains, offering a mix of woodland and wetland terrain.
  8. Bandon Dunes Golf Resort (Bandon Dunes), Bandon - The original course at the resort, known for its rugged beauty and ocean views.
  9. Portland Golf Club, Portland - A classic course with a rich history and a layout that has hosted numerous professional events.
  10. Running Y Ranch, Klamath Falls - An Arnold Palmer design set in the scenic Klamath Basin with varied terrain.

Best Times of Year to Play

The best time to play golf in Oregon is from late spring to early fall, with May through September offering the most favorable weather. Coastal courses provide cooler, breezy conditions in the summer, while inland courses showcase Oregon's warmer, drier climate.

Famous Golfers from Oregon

Oregon has produced several notable golfers, including:

  • Peter Jacobsen: A multiple PGA Tour winner and popular golf personality, known for his charismatic approach to the game.
  • Casey Martin: Known for his career at Stanford and on the PGA Tour, and for his legal case regarding the use of a golf cart during competition.


Oregon's golf courses reflect the state's natural diversity and commitment to sustainability. From the windswept dunes of the coast to the high desert of the interior, Oregon offers a unique and memorable golfing experience that draws players from around the world.

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