Ballyowen Golf Club Hole by Hole - 10th Hole

Ballyowen Golf Club, New Jersey

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Hole 10 at Ballyowen Golf Club is a 513 yard par 5. It is rated as the 12th most difficult hole on the course, with a slight dogleg left and 6 bunkers located along its fairway. The green area measures 13327 sq ft in size and has 1% greenside bunkers. This hole can be approached from any of the five tee boxes; Championship (513 yards), Pro (482 yards), Men's (460 yards), Seniors' (446 yards) or Women's (396 yards).

Depending on your skill level, you may want to choose one of these tees for your approach shot. For example, if you hit a driver around 217 yards, then playing from either the Championship or Pro tees will give you an optimal distance for your second shot - which should be about 140-150 yards away using a 7 iron or pitching wedge depending on how far you hit them normally.

No matter what tee box you decide to play from however, it’s important to keep in mind that this course features varying weather conditions throughout each season - particularly when it comes to altitude, temperature and wind speed which can all affect ball flight conditions significantly. So make sure to take into account any local weather patterns before deciding how best to attack this hole!

Teebox type: Championship

Par: 5

Distance: 513 yards

Handicap: 12

Green Area:


Approx Fairway Width:


Has Water:



Slight dogleg

Percent Bunkers Near green:


Bunker Count:



Some fairway bunkers, with the majority (51%) strategically placed around the area.

Club Recommendations

When it comes to the fairway, aim slightly right of center as this will give you the best angle for your approach shot. You should also be aware of the six bunkers located along the fairway - so make sure to avoid these at all costs! Finally, when approaching the green, keep in mind that it is 13327 sq ft in size and has 1% greenside bunkers. This means that accuracy is key - so try to land your ball on a flat part of the green rather than going for a risky shot over one of those pesky bunkers.

Good luck out there and have fun!

"The most important shot in golf is the next one."
- Ben Hogan

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