Waialae Country Club Hole by Hole - 17th Hole

Waialae Country Club, Hawaii

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Welcome to Waialae Country Club in Honolulu, Hawaii! As the #1 ranked PGA Tour Golfer in the world's caddy and course strategist, I am here to provide you with hole-by-hole strategies that will help improve your scoring. Let's start with Hole 17.

Hole 17 at Waialae is a challenging par 4, measuring 459 yards from the Championship tees. This hole has a handicap of 10, making it one of the more difficult holes on the course. The Men's teebox also measures at 388 yards with a similar handicap of 10, while the Women's teebox offers some relief at just 302 yards with a handicap of 16.

The fairway width for this hole is approximately 27 yards and there are four bunkers strategically placed throughout. However, only three percent of these bunkers are greenside, meaning they should not come into play for most golfers when approaching their approach shot to the green.

One thing to keep in mind when playing this hole is its slight dogleg left curvature. This means that off the tee you'll want to aim slightly right in order to set yourself up for an ideal approach shot towards the green.

Speaking of approach shots, let's talk about club recommendations based on average distances for our hypothetical golfer who hits their driver around217 yards and their iron shots between140-120yards. With water present on this hole as well as potential wind conditions depending on weather factors such as altitude and temperature (which can vary across all four seasons), it may be wise to consider playing conservatively off the tee by hitting your driver or even opting for a long iron instead if needed.

For your second shot onto this small but well-guarded green measuring5926 sq ft., we recommend using either your pitching wedge or possibly even bump-and-run chip shots depending again upon any possible elevation changes or other elements affecting ball flight on the day of your round.

Overall, Hole 17 at Waialae Country Club is a challenging but strategic hole that requires careful planning and execution in order to successfully navigate. But with these tips and recommendations, we are confident you will be able to conquer this hole like a true PGA Tour pro. Good luck!

Teebox type: Championship

Par: 4

Distance: 459 yards

Handicap: 10

Green Area:


Approx Fairway Width:


Has Water:



Slight dogleg

Percent Bunkers Near green:


Bunker Count:



Some fairway bunkers, with the majority (51%) strategically placed around the area.

Club Recommendations

1. Aim slightly right off the tee to account for the slight dogleg left curvature of the hole.

2. Consider playing conservatively off the tee with a long iron or less powerful driver, especially if there is water present or potential wind conditions.

3. Use your pitching wedge or bump-and-run chip shots for your second shot onto the small and well-guarded green.

4. Take into account any possible elevation changes or weather factors that may affect ball flight when choosing clubs and shots.

5. Plan carefully and execute with precision in order to successfully navigate this challenging but strategic hole at Waialae Country Club.

"The most important shot in golf is the next one."
- Ben Hogan

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