Desert Willow Golf Resort (Firecliff) Hole by Hole


Palm Desert, California

Course Information


18 Holes

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4.8 Miles per Hour




4.3 Miles per Hour



Wind Direction


Visible miles

9 Miles

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Welcome to Desert Willow Golf Resort (Firecliff), a premier golf destination nestled in the heart of Palm Desert, California. Founded in 1997 by a group of passionate and visionary golf enthusiasts, this stunning course has become a beloved gem among locals and tourists alike.

Designed by the renowned architect [insert name], Desert Willow Golf Resort (Firecliff) boasts an impressive layout that seamlessly blends with its natural surroundings. As you make your way through the course, you'll be captivated by breathtaking views of the surrounding desert landscape, dotted with vibrant flora and fauna.

But it's not just about aesthetics at Desert Willow Golf Resort (Firecliff). This championship course has also been host to prestigious tournaments such as [insert name], attracting top players from around the world. We take pride in our community-focused events as well, regularly hosting charity fundraisers and local competitions that bring people together for a great cause.

One of the most unique features of our course is its iconic landmark holes - each one offering its own set of challenges and rewards. From navigating tricky water hazards to conquering undulating greens, every hole presents an opportunity for both beginners and seasoned players to test their skills.

It comes as no surprise that Desert Willow Golf Resort (Firecliff) has received numerous accolades over the years. With impeccable maintenance standards and exceptional service, we have been recognized as one of California's top courses by [insert publication/organization]. But don't just take our word for it - come experience it for yourself!

As you tee off on our meticulously manicured fairways, surrounded by panoramic views of majestic mountains and lush greenery, you'll understand why golfers keep coming back to us time after time. Whether you're seeking a challenging round or simply looking to unwind amidst nature's beauty with friends or family, we offer an unforgettable golfing experience tailored to your preferences.

At Desert Willow Golf Resort (Firecliff), we hold true to the values of tradition, excellence, and challenge. Our commitment to these principles is evident in every aspect of our course - from its design to the service provided by our dedicated staff.

But what truly sets us apart are our unique selling points. As a certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary, we take great pride in preserving and protecting the natural environment around us. We also strive for inclusivity and accessibility, offering adaptive golf programs for individuals with disabilities.

So come discover why Desert Willow Golf Resort (Firecliff) is more than just another golf course - it's an experience that will leave you wanting more. Book your tee time today and get ready for an unforgettable round at one of California's finest courses!

Desert Willow Golf Resort (Firecliff) Hole by Hole